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FPMC Spring 2004 pic

Okay you guys probably seen the FPMC Winter 2004 pic over at Deviantart, if not, click here. ^_^

Okay, like the previous picture, I can put four people in there and then the next four in the summer pic. So who wants to be in it? It's first come, first serve. ^_^
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Me, me!!
And I did see that pic a little while ago, I still love it. ^_^ Does that mean I'll be in the spring one?
Yup! You'll be in the spring pic. ^_^
Hm, I nominate Angie-chan, Pinali and Kat chan as well. They totally strike me as Summer people. Waffle-chan strikes me as a spring/summer person. lol, I've already been in your pic. XD Stacy strikes me as a fall person, same with myself. Aristide and DCC, also fall (or winter.) You strike me as a summer/spring person too. Can't wait to see what you come up with.
Sounds like a good idea to me. ^_^ All we have to do is to vote on it. ^^