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Does this work...?

*looks left*
*looks right*

Is this posting in the FPMC? I hope so...

Anyway, this is just a thought. We have 10 members, and 10's a hard number to divide. ^^
Also, a few people were concerned a while back that we might be too big for a manga circle, since the average number is 4. I don't think we should worry about cutting any of, no, not at all, but I had been thinking for a while that maybe we could just recruit TWO more mebers, and have a nice 12.
I'm not saying to do this immediately, but I think that 12 should be our apsolute LIMIT for members.
Why 12? Because it's a good number in Japan for groups of girls (I feel weird saying that...). In many anime/video games where you have alot of female characters, there's a reacurring 12. (See Sentimental Graffiti and Sister Princess for examples). And if we want to separate into groups, it's easier to go 3's and 4's (we alreday have the advantage of 2's and halves).
Also, I don't think we should feel bad we we decide to accept someone now or months from now, (as long as we don't run away with ourselves accepting members), because not all of us joined together at the same time. Remember it was a few weeks or so later that DCC join, and months later that Angie and Taichi joined? But we had to have them, because... they're Angie-echi and Taichi!! It was a given!
I'd like all your thoughts on this. I don't intend to make any desicions, since anything having to do with this is kind of a desicion shared by all.
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