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Finally some Doujinshi Pages!

*cracks fingers to get them to function again* XD

Here they are folks! This is for anyone who hasn't seen these pages on yet. I've finally finished uploading a Takuri scene in the Digimon Tamers doujinshi that we began last year. XD

Tamers Doujinshi Takuri Scene Page 1
Tamers Doujinshi Takuri Scene Page 2
Tamers Doujinshi Takuri Scene Page 3

You'll note that there is no text in these pages. ^^; That would be because I forgot what the original dialogue was. *major sweatdrop* I'm sorry!

I drew these pages a couple of months ago but I never wrote down the dialogue that came with it. Instead I just drew the scene and figured to put the dialogue in when I scanned it. Unfortunately I never even inked it until last week. T_T;

The story so far:

At the beginning of the doujinshi, Takato, Juri, Rika and Ryou get stuck in the digital world during a digital storm.
While trying to find a way back home, led by Ryou, they encounter another group of rogue digimon and battle. At one point in the fight, Takato fails to protect Juri. Ryou was able to save her, much to Takato's relief and shame. Later on, Takato gets into a conversation with Rika about his situation with Juri. Juri had asked him to be her boyfriend and he accepted but he felt he didn't deserve her.

Juri overhears Takato putting himself down and later on corners him about it (or jumps him more like), surprising Takato since he didn't think anyone had heard. He's embarrased and tries to reassure her that everything is okay.

But well, once the cat's out of the bag...

He finally and seriously confesses his love to Juri, but gives all the reasons why he hadn't made a move on her in the past. He still feels responsible for the Leomon and D-reaper situation and with the previous battle his feelings of inadequacy returned. However, at the end of his little speech, helplessly, he manages to smile for her, much to Juri's entrancement. Without thinking she kisses him.

He's surprised, but finally he gives in to his desires and returns the kiss. They happily hug eachother afterwards and Takato says something sweet to Juri.
*bonks head wishing she could remember what the words were*

After this scene, I was going to have Rika, Ryou, Guilmon and Calumon hiding nearby spying on them. Cyberdramon and Renamon are probably standing guard somewhere. XD One of the digimon would ask a question about what just occured, and Rika would get embarrassed or mad. Or she'd just get annoyed watching, since it was Ryou's idea to spy on them. At any rate, they'd be making some racket that would alert Takato and Juri to their audience, thus embarrasing everyone. XD

Honestly tho, this Takuri scene here, could really fit just about anywhere in the story. I guess it's a good thing I didn't put backgrounds in. It'll give you guys more leeway to work with the scene since you can place it anywhere in the story. ^^;

*sighs* As for providing any other information about the story, I dunno. I was going to post the link to Stacy-sama's Tamers Doujinshi Reference page here. It's very good, since it has a short clean summary and other information (along with pics!) for anyone who needs to be reminded of what happened in this story. But I got the message "Page cannot be found" I'm going to have to do some organizing and rewriting this weekend and send e-mails to whoever asks for the info. ^^;

Anyhoo, nuff talking! I hope you guys enjoy the short doujin scene. If anyone wants to take a shot at making up impromptu dialogue here, please do so! Just remember to keep it PG-13. XD; I'm almost done with finals, so I'll soon be showing up in the Fruit Patch chat to discuss any plans. Let me know what happens. :)

I went looking at the FPMC LJ info here and I noticed that Angie-chan isn't on the friends/member's list. O_o Does anyone know why? ^^; I heard she'd been very busy with school this semester, so I haven't chatted with her in a very long time.
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