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Story lines

I'd just like to know again, who'se all assigned to what on the GL story? All I know right now is that we have pretty pictures for it.

And I had an idea for another original story the group could do at some point- I've been developing the storyline and characters, but I do think it's a project I'd want to do myself. But that's just if everyone's up for another, and it can certainly wait until we recoperate and get some work done on the doujins to get people in to see our work. Ne, ne, what the total number of pages that have been layed out for them all? I know I did about 12 for the 02 one and I don't know how much Jbram's done with them, and I'm sure we've all seen her lovely work on the Tamers Takuri scene. Is there anything else done that people haven't uploaded? Even sketchy layouts are useful. Getting things on paper is most important.

So... in case you're interesting, my basic storyline is girl suddenly dies of strange heart defect, but somehow sticks around with bizarre stuff going on, connections with her mentor who watched her "die", and stuff I still haven't figured out about the medical institute keeping her "defective heart" for research that she's got something against, I dunno. I don't have it all figured out, just some cool details if anyone is interested. But it would probably be a while before any work could be put into it. ^^;;

So.... page count?
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