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The Fruit Patch Manga Circle is horribly dead.
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*glomps* You're right, it was sleeping, but I poked some of you awake I hope with that little Devnote, recently. ^^

Ooh, I was talking with Taichi-chan about setting up a FPMC shop at cafepress. (Since I just opened my own shop this week). It's easy! problem is...we'd only put original works, or works that don't have copyright infringement. ^^; Well, that's not really a problem actually, the problem is deciding where the money goes. @_@;; Once that is figured out, everything else is easy.

Money go towards supplies or paying someone to actually make our manga/doujinshi books once they're done?
I'd say that's the best idea. And Cafepress, I thought you don't get anything out of that?
*scratching head* Yup, you'd actually get very little from cafepress, but I mostly suggested it as a way to get something done. Perhaps we could get a few books printed and sell those at conventions (btw, did you and Katchan attend one recently? O.o). But yeah, money would most likely go towards supplies. We need to have a product first though. ^^;
Yeah. Me and Katchan did attend one recently and we're going to the same one next year again hopefully.
We would have sold some of FPMC books if there had been any at the point, of course, and we will do next time if you want.
Wait, nevermind, I see what you mean. Using the book thingy at Cafepress, ah.
No idea where the money should go either. Perhaps pay members of the FPMC for working?
Well I don't think so.We'er just a little off track^___^;;;;.
Yes, very true.
Fret not, once we get our wits about us (my comp gets fixed, summer vacation arrives for agents in school, ect), then maybe we can come up with something. :3