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*blows the dust off the community*

Man, we hardly update on this...

Anyway, the reason I posted to see if how everyone is doing these past years, since I've talked with some of ya. And, if we're still going run the FPMC.

Myself and most FPers are currently participating in a Digimon Doujin Project. Most of the infomation is on Mippa's DA Journal. :D

I've been busy with my schoolwork since SJSU has the top Animation/Illustration BFA program in the US. But, they're very demanding.

My artwork has been improving and still improving while I'm taking life drawing. I'm in the process of geting perpare for Fanime Con 07/08 to sell some bookmarks, buttons, keychains and some prints. But, I still feel that I need to improve on my artwork if I'm planing selling it. I'm probably going to start another poll to see which works at my DA gallery are most likely to sell.

Another reason why I'm doing this post because I really miss talking with you guys since the oekaki board had died. And, it would hurt to see how everyone is doing after the last update.
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